We’re trying to help you make more 3’s on the Par 3’s. Better decision-making is going to improve your scores.

Despite the increased amount of GPS data available, regular and inexperienced golfers still,
on the majority of occasions, come up short.
Even when a golfer knows the “yardage” on each of their clubs, their misses are mostly short.

Simple Tip #2
Why are you expecting the perfect golf shot? What is your level of consistency?

If there’s no trouble behind the green, then ignore the distance to the flag,
and pick a club that, when struck well,
will get you to the back of the green.
That way a less than perfect ball strike has a chance of getting to the green.  
Rarely do even good ball strikers
make perfect contact.

Where are the majority of your misses on all approach shots? Would aiming for the back of the green (assuming no trouble behind the hole)
be a course management strategy that would improve your whole round? Improving your performance on Par 3’s will probably increase your
enjoyment throughout the round. Think about improvement. If we can help,