For the better golfer who wants workability off the tee

The Srixon Z745 Driver

A more compact head with a CoG closer to the neutral axis and face creates a more penetrating ball flight with less spin.

The combination of 430cc head size,
and CoG location mean that you can
work the ball more easily.

Workability doesn’t mean a lack of forgiveness though.
The titanium face and face cup technology,
along with a face thinner towards the toe and heel,
means ball speed is protected away from the sweet spot .

More ball speed, more distance.
It’s a simple equation that’s made possible by
a club design that improves your rotational efficiency.
Srixon’s unique design adjusts the balance of the club to encourage
a faster release of the clubhead through impact.  

If the smart technology to improve ball speed wasn’t enough,
we can tune ball flight and trajectory,
launch angle and spin, using Srixon’s Quick Tune System™.

But first we need to see how much of an improvement in your tee shot performance we can deliver.
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