The Srixon Z355 Irons

A combination of a heavier head with lighter shaft that produces a higher
balance point actually encourages a better release through the ball at impact.

That results in more consistent contact, along with a faster club head speed at impact, without any extra effort.

Technical innovation has allowed the designers
to expand the hitting area on the face. Ball strikes towards the toe
and heel still create a consistent ball speed and distance performance.

The two piece construction in the #4 - #7 irons allows a separate soft, but thin,
flexible and fast steel face to ensure more forgiveness, but even faster ball speeds.

Where control is a priority, in the #8 and lower Irons, then a one-piece
construction ensures great feel and feedback.

Look at the ā€˜Vā€™ cut of the sole on these irons. This design will help
you hit fewer fat shots, encouraging crisp contact with the ball.

This is a nice innovation that will allow better ball striking.

For the right golfer, there will be benefits in consistency especially with these clubs. That will mean better approach shots with more greens hit, and more flags attacked.
But we do need to make sure the technology fits your swing, and that the club is fitted for your physical and dynamic specifications.

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